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You Set Goals, Now How Do You Manage Them?

The New Year is Here and with that comes New Years Resolutions, and goal setting. But, without knowing exactly how to manage those goals, you can bet you’ll be at the end of the month with a to do list full of items not yet crossed off.
Or worse, you’ll sound like this:else having issues writing their goals. Every time I write them or voice them, I start feeling sick in my stomach and a lump in my throat and I don’t know how to move past this block
It doesn’t have to be this hard and dramatic…if you know what your doing.
Instead of crossing items off a list, I want to tell you or show you rather how to manage your goals, and New Years Resolutions the right way, the PSTS way.
Choose Your Big Picture Destination Goals
Big picture goals are crucial to working backwards and creating the ideal result you aim to achieve. In creating the visual elements of this big picture from the very beginning, you are able to stay centered and focused on what it is you are trying to achieve.
Starting out with Vision Planners, Creating vision boards, and vision journals is a helpful step in creating the visual elements of the big picture. But taking the time to write down your big picture is also just as important.
In creating your big picture or destination goal, remember to think as far in advance as possible. Think about where you want to be in 5, 10 and even 20 years. Who do you want there with you? Where would you like to live. Determine those things and your New Years Resolutions will transform into a life plan instead, which is what we all need to focus on.
Break Down Your Objectives
In Manage Your Time, Manage Your Work, Manage Yourself by Merrill and Douglass The Objective Pyramid is introduced and gives the reader a very clear structure as to how your objectives should be broken down for success.
Lets clarify…if your goals are the big picture destination, then your objectives are a specific result that you or a system aims to achieve within a certain time frame.
The Objectives Pyramid then is the structure of how you can break down those objectives.
For example:
Goal: You have a goal to Earn $5000 a month beginning February 1, 2016
Long Term/Annually: Earn $55,000 by the end of the year
Quarterly: $15,000 Per quarter earnings
Monthly: $5,000 a monthly
Weekly: $1,250 a week
Daily: $167 a day
You can see in this financial example the exact amounts necessary to achieve earning $5000 a month. Your next step would be to follow the plan and take action.
The Objectives Pyramid
Plan Out Your Time
After getting clear on the picture destination, and your objectives, it’s time to take action. And the only way to take action is to Plan out your time! What do I mean by plan out your time? Well, let’s see…
Have you ever woken up on Monday morning ready to take on the day with razor like focus and renewed energy? You know you have to get the kids to school, shower and dress and even head to your “day job” and then work on your business, but what your completely unclear about are the specicifics of your activities. So you end up jumping from project to project or worse, getting on Facebook and getting completely derailed. When you plan out your time, you minimize the effect of distractions because you know exactly what needs to be done. So planning is deciding what to do.

Weekly Vision Plan

Well here’s where Planning out your time comes in handy. When you have a schedule for yourself whether your working from home or not, you will stay focused on the tasks in front of you and be better able to mentally and physically block out the distractions that are sure to creep up on you throughout the day.
In order to effectively Plan Out Your Time, here’s what you must do:


  1. Choose one day of the week to have a planning session where you will plan out your entire week. ie. Sunday
  2. During your planning session braindump every thing you need to accomplish for the week ahead.
  3. Once you have the tasks/activities dumped, estimate the time it will take to complete each one.
  4. Then order each task on a scale from 1 to 4. 4 being the least pressing and 1 being high priority.
  5. Then fill in your Daily Plan each day, the night before. Any item not completed should be moved to the next day.
  6. Follow your plan!

Planning is deciding what to do. Scheduling is determining when to do it. 

Schedule Your Activities
Now that you know what needs to be done throughout the week, it’s time to take action and do the work needed to complete them. Scheduling is tricky for some. I like others have a spontaneous, fly by the seat of my pants mentality, but when you’re trying to make something happen in your life, you can’t always have that approach. It’s fine to wing a vacation, or even a creative project, but when it comes to business and making your vision a reality, you have to have a hustlers mentality to make it happen.
report_906x714 (1)

Daily Vision Plan

When planning out your time, you’re deciding what to do right? Well scheduling your activities, is deciding when to do it. Scheduling your activities should be done in a cohesive manner, so having a journal, or book like the Daily & Weekly Scheduling Planner is key to keep you on track and maintain consistent action.
When Scheduling Your Activities, follow these general rules of thumb:


  • Plug in your fixed items, or non negotiables first. This includes items like appointments, meetings, family activities.
  • Plug in highest priority items which are time sensitive next. For example, if you are hosting a webinar in a week and the slides need to be created, edited and finalized, that’s a high priority item.
  • Leave room for the unexpected. ie. family emergencies, travel time, etc.

“Scheduling allows you to operate purposely rather than randomly.” Merrill and Douglass

4 ways to breakdown your goals


How’s that for four easy steps to managing your goals! Follow the steps outlined in this post, get the resources you need, and take action to make your goals a reality!
If you’re ready to instantly ramp up your goals this month and beyond grab the FREE PSTS 30 Day Vision Plan and start focusing and getting results now.





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