How To Set Up Your Business Workweek

Let me ask you a question. How do you currently set up your workweek? Do you complete your tasks as they come or do you have a clear plan of attack each week to tackle your activities?
Winging it is a term used to describe taking things as they come and dealing with it as such. But the problem with that is that you are in a constant stage of reacting.
To eliminate winging it when it comes to setting up your business workweek, here’s what I suggest:
Do a Time Study
A time study is a method used to test the amount of time it takes to complete specific activities or tasks. Knowing where your time is currently going will help you tremendously in knowing where you have more opportunity to get tasks or projects completed. For example that time watching Scandal on Thursday nights may be more valuable if you use it to write your blog posts. You can always record your favorite programs and use that as a reward for completing the tasks later during the week.
To begin a time study, all you need to do is monitor your behaviors and activities for 1-2 weeks and keep a record of where your time is really going. You will find that you will be surprised at how much time your wasting watching television, talking on the phone, or texting.
Once you complete the time study re-evaluate the newly discovered time that is available to you and prioritize and schedule important tasks in your calendar.
Time Study Worksheet

Click the image for an immediate download.

Establish Progress Markers
Upon completing your time study, and after you have created your Weekly Vision Plan and your Daily Vision Plan, create progress markers throughout the week to check in with yourself and your completed, or near completed objectives. Do this to know exactly where you are in your progress. Then adjust from there. Tasks from your Daily Vision Plan if not completed can and should be transferred to the next day.
But if you know you have a newsletter that needs to be broadcast by Thursday morning at 8 am, you need to schedule time to write, edit and create imagery prior to that date and with enough unscheduled time to make revisions, corrections and to handle any of the unexpected things that could transpire, including lost files, unexpected family emergencies etc. etc.
Know What To Work On
This was and still is a biggie for me in my current business and when I owned my restaurant. My daily concern with my restaurant was making sure we got people in the door and they returned, so I was constantly sending out emails asking what our guests wanted.
One particular response was very telling. I was testing a new Italian drink mix that I personally loved, and thought others would to. Turns out they did and it became one the most ordered items on our kids menu.
That test was a success and we continued carrying the line of drink mixes. But I would have never known about the popularity of it if I didn’t first, ask my customers and second, look at my numbers.
There are a few things you should be working on in your business every week, no matter if your in the concept, startup or existing business phase.
Review the infographic below to get more familiar with these areas.

Infograhic - 5 Main Activites You Should Include in Your Biz Workweek


As you can see from the infographic there are four main areas, you must not ignore:
Establish and Follow Your Plan
Take the time to create your One Page Business Plan, and Profit Plan to keep you on track throughout the month and year.
Track Your Profit
This one is simple. Do you know how much money you are bringing in each day, week, month? You should. Better yet, how much are you spending? Keep a record of what comes in and out and watch your merchant accounts closely to ensure your money is right. To learn more about this topic read a fantastic book called But Are You Making Any Money? Stop Being Busy and Start Creating Cash by Marley Majcher.
Product Creation
This is my favorite part of owning a business. Having the freedom to create products and services that can potentially change my clients lives. You too should be creating all the time. But making sure the other areas are taken care of needs to be done first to free up the time to create freely.
Client Communication
Are you connecting with your present clients and potential customers on a regular basis to understand their struggles, needs and desires? This step is crucial. Knowing what your current and potential clients want, need, and desire will help you create what they need.
There have been books written about systemitizing your business and it can’t be broken down into two sentences. But what I will say about systemizing is that once complete, its a chore well worth checking off your list. To learn more about systemizing your products and services check out Kim Flynn’s Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business
Easy enough right?! Schedule your workweek for success and don’t wing it any longer! Get everything you want this year and beyond!
Comment below and let me know what you discover during your time study. What are you wasting the most time on?


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admin - November 26, 2016

Hi Margaret!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this letter to me. I appreciate your kind words.
When I started my first business, it was a struggle. I had a multitude of emotions running through me
as a result of being laid off while on maternity leave with my first (and only) child. But I made a conscious decision then to take matters in my hand.

I would love to help you on your business building journey. I understand being unemployed and wanting to create something. I too was in that situation. There are options though. I would love to move this conversation offline and help you get clear so that I can help you. Take a moment to complete this form: You can leave your telephone number in the phone and I would love to chat with you further.

Margaret - October 30, 2016

Hi Monica, I saw your pin and I can tell from what I have read on your site that You know your Business.

Thank You for Sharing. I have been struggling with several issues concerning whether or not I should use the Internet.
I know, it’s a no-brainer yet I’m not sure.

I am currently limited with my finances because I am unemployed. I saw where that happened to you. and I noticed that the Unemployment was no match for your
determination and knowledge of how to go forward and prosper into another business.

I hope that I could follow your example.
One of the Businesses that I want to Launch is Helping people Grow Their Hair!
I Loveeee doing this, yet there are soo many offering their knowledge on that
subject, I’m not sure if I should. I am overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration to the point that I am sure your ideas and expertise would benefit me.

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